Pancakes and PR



Denny’s. The thought of it brings to mind some questionably clean late-night diners and lots of pancakes usually eaten by late night truck drivers (or your friend Brittany when she’s drunk at 2 am). I wouldn’t say Denny’s has ever had a necessarily cool or popular reputation among young people, it’s usually just a place you end up at. But in the past few years, their online presence has gotten them a huge amount of attention, just by effectively using memes and making weird jokes. Denny’s ventured into the gif and meme-filled world of tumblr and twitter a few years ago, and it’s done wonders to refresh and update the Denny’s brand. For example, the Denny’s tumblr has hundreds of thousands of followers, and with good reason. It posts and responds with weird jokes and gifs that may or may not be related to breakfast food. The blog is amazing at connecting with and creating viral content with other users. It seems like someone in charge of something at this company let a twenty-year old loose with the account, and people love it. My only suggestion is that sometimes they post TOO much in the hope that something will stick and become viral. Posting constantly, especially when followers see every post, can get annoying. But other than that, you do you, Denny’s.